Garanti Bank İzmir Halit Ziya Branch

In the scope of the Garanti Bank İzmir Halit Ziya Branch new building project, building energy performance evaluation studies have been started from the design stage and continued integrated with architectural, mechanical and electrical project teams. Various improvement scenarios have been tested basing on the existing concept of the bank and the most proper scenario to the concept has been accepted as the optimum. Last building model that has been formed by the improvements proposed by Ekomim has been compared with the reference building model that has been defined in ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Appendix G and the improvement rate determined as %44. This rate corresponds to 17 credits under LEED certification EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance (Option 1). As a part of the project, the steps performed by Ekomim are briefly as follows:

  • Defining the annual energy demand of the building for heating, cooling and lighting by passive modeling of the existing project that has been offered by the project teams
  • Determining the optimum alternative on passive modeling for building envelope, shading devices, and lighting elements that has been also appropriate to the bank concept
  • Defining the annual energy consumption by adding HVAC system modeling to the selected alternative
  • Reference building modeling for this project as defined in ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Appendix G and identifying the annual energy consumption of the reference building
  • Assessing the improvement rate by comparing the amount of annual energy consumptions of the building

All improvement suggestions (building envelope, shading devices, lighting elements, etc.) have been presented as detailed drawings to Garanti Bank and as a result of the investigations also discussing with manufacturers the optimum scenario has been decided. In this context, the agreed improvement as a result of tests carried out with passive modeling scenarios have been identified as 3 years payback period.