Energy Performance Certificate

BEP-TR is implementing building energy performance improvement strategies in different climatic zones of Turkey and national calculation system for building energy certification.

As it is known, during the EU law adaptation process as well as on many issues, Turkey has gone through with the necessary steps within the scope of building energy performance directive and “BUILDING ENERGY PERFORMANCE REGULATION” has been published by Ministry of Public Works and Settlement in 05.12.2008. Turkey also has started to run studies for “national calculation method to give energy performance certificate to the buildings” that required by this regulation.

“National calculation method for Turkey (BEP-TR)” has been developed in the coordination of Ministry Public Works and Settlement and EVD Corporation to evaluate the impacts of all parameters that affects building energy consuming on building energy efficiency and to designate the energy level of the building by more than twenty scientists that the majority is faculty members and assistants in ITU. Especially, NET Energy and Lighting Modules of BEP-TR method have been developed within Ekomim.

Calculation method will be used to evaluate building energy performance of existing and new buildings such as offices, educational buildings, healthcare buildings, hotels, shopping malls and commercial centers.

BEP-TR calculation method covers;

  • calculating the amount of net energy need for heating and cooling of buildings,
  • designating the total heating-cooling energy consumption of the building by taking into account the loss from installed systems to meet net energy and system efficiency,
  • designating ventilation energy consumption,
  • calculating lighting energy demand and consumption for untapped time from daylight and spaces where daylight is not effective by taking into account the impacts of daylight in buildings,
  • calculating necessary energy consumption for domestic hot water

while evaluating building energy performance.

As a conclusion of calculating the net energy consumption need for heating and cooling of the building;

  • Annual heating energy consumption for conditioning of the building
  • Annual cooling energy consumption for conditioning of the building

are obtained.

Calculating method to designate net energy demand and lighting energy consumption for heating and cooling of the building has been carried out by ITU expert team in Ekomim.

Energy performance certificate has been given by Ekomim to the office building in Ayvalık.