Company Profile

The academic company “Ekomim Ecological Architectural Services, Prof. Dr. Ayşe Zerrin Yılmaz” that established by Prof. Dr. A. Zerrin Yılmaz is in service in ITU Arı Teknokent. Within the scope of ecological building design and implementation, “Ekomim”;

  • Ecological architecture pre and post design consultancy services,
  • Energy and cost efficient building design consultancy,
  • Development of optimization scenarios,
  • Feasibility studies within the scope of green building certification,
  • Development of carbon emission reduction strategies,
  • Thermal, visual, acoustical comfort analysis,
  • Building energy performance assessment,
  • Integration of renewable energy sources,
  • Whole building energy simulations within the scope of green building certification,
  • Determination of the amount of primary energy consumption,
  • Determination of the amount of CO2 emissions,
  • Determination of the amount of improvement percentage by using reference building that specified according to the EU, US or national standards:
    • Detailed energy modeling with a combination of passive systems and mechanical systems,
    • Acoustic architectural design and detailed acoustic modeling,
    • Measuring and simulations of room acoustics and noise control,
    • Daylight modeling,
    • Material selection, etc.

performs services about all building physics issues within the scope of energy-ecology with the most competent experts in Turkey.