“Ekomim Ecological Architectural Services, Prof. Dr. Ayşe Zerrin Yılmaz” academical firm has been established to implement building energy performance strategies in different climatic zones of Turkey, to designate acologic green building design principles for different climatic zones, to develop green building prototypes, to improve the national calculation methodology of building energy certification for using in construction industry, to make dynamic performance (energy, lighting, acoustic, etc.) modeling for using in green building certification and to make studies for the integration of the renewable energy systems to the architecture. Ekomim has been established in Arı Teknokent Project Planning Development Inc.

Ekomim working team has been formed by building physics expert faculty members who make education and research in energy-ecology issues, architect and engineer researchers who graduated from energy, lighting and acoustic subjects of building physics master degree and who worked for international projects.

Ekomim has been established to work on the appendix of Building Energy Performance (BEP) which is preparing by T.R. Ministry of Development and Settlement, to develop calculation method for specifying the building energy performance level (Building Energy Performance Calculation Method, BEP-TR) and to make academic research and application about ecologic architecture in this context, in addition to these Ekomim continues to work about integration of BEP-TR to the buildings, project design and application in accordance with the regulation, ecological building design and dynamic modeling.

Ekomim provides consultancy, application control services about acoustical design, computer modeling and acoustic measuring which provide the acousitc comfort in the maximum level for buildings in design phase or existing buildings according to the usage reason. Acoustical projects that based on multi-faceted research and interdisciplinary studies are examined in two parts: Room acoustics and Noise control studies. Ekomim continues to consultancy and project work in both parts.

The studies of EKOMİM in application field provide maximum energy efficient and maximum comfortable building without increasing initial investment cost.

It is possible to produce buildings with less energy demand and without an extra initial investment cost with the service received from Ekomim Ecologic Architectural Services.

EKOMİM provides building performance modelling services for energy efficient design applications with its expert team in all building physics issues. Detailed dynamic simulation tools are in use for passive and mechanical modelling, anda also for certification systems as LEED/BREEAM. In addition, acoustical performance evaluations of buildings are done with detailed simulation tools.

Istanbul Technical University Sustainable Energy Research Group.

European Commission “Building Energy-Efficient Cities” Research Project.